I have Faith. My Faith assures me that things will get better, hopefully, sooner than later. Faith in knowing that God is in complete control…of all of us, which includes the doctors, the nurses, the scientists and all the other angels that are steadfast in their assignments to find a cure for COVID-19. My Faith leads me to listen to the authorities and heed to their instructions that tell us to stay at home, if at all possible, to constantly and thoroughly wash our hands, stay out of crowds, keep our distance from those who are ill, sneeze and cough into tissues and then throw them away. My Faith tells me to pray, with thanksgiving, now more than ever.
I have Hope. I have Hope that things will be better, different of course, but better for most, when all of this is over. I have Hope that everyone will have learned to be kind and compassionate with one another and our differences. I have Hope that everyone will accept one another without hatred or back-stabbing or prejudices. I have Hope that we will learn to respect one another and not decide that our way is the only way. I have Hope that Republicans and Democrats, and blacks and whites, and rich and poor and straight and gay will somehow learn that we CAN all live together in peace.
I have Charity (Love)
I leave this little message to you with Love. I Love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I Love my family, I Love my neighbors, near and far and I Love myself. If I don’t Love myself, I can’t expect anyone else to. I Love and miss my Youth Village kids and their families. I Hope to see them soon, I have Faith that I will.
I have Faith and Hope that lessons will be learned during these trying times and when all is said and done, we’ll learn to Love!

Written by: Nellie Bogar Founder/CEO