We are celebrating 25 years this year! We have great things planned so please check back soon for details!


  • We do what we do because we believe that EVERY child is an “untapped resource”!  Untapped signifies the presence of undiscovered invaluable sources of hidden or suppressed strength, power or knowledge and we see these traits in our children and we’re reaching down to help lift them up!


  • Youth Village is a non-profit organization located in Ft. Walton Beach which I founded in September 1999 as an after-school program and summer camp for children ages 10-17 with funds provided by a grant from the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.
  • As time progressed it was noted by statistics from DJJ that children were getting into trouble at an alarming younger age beginning as early as six!   We then changed our age limit to 5-17 to include all elementary, middle and high school age children.


  • Since then, we have incorporated the Youth Village Preschool Academy for children ages 3-5 in addition to our programs for school-age students in grades K-8. We have 2 VPK (Voluntary Prekindergarten) classes and one three-year-old classroom.  Our high school students now serve as volunteers with us.
  • Studies show that from birth to age 5, a child’s brain develops more, and more rapidly, than at any other time in life. And while genetics plays a significant role, scientific research has made clear that the quality of a child’s experiences in the first few years of life – positive or negative – helps shape how their brain develops. And that’s why were here…to tap into the positive.
  • At an early age, our children are learning academic skills and, equally important, we’re here to help them develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills, such as critical thinking and decision-making which will help them become the future leaders of our community.  And because of our excellent curriculum, they are also understanding that learning itself can…and should be fun!


  • There is a greater need now more than ever for quality childcare for toddlers aged 24-36 months…and Youth Village is on it! On May 6, 2024, we opened our brand-new classroom for toddlers called “The Twos”. They even have a curriculum called “Buttercups” which helps our littles learn by having fun!
  • Since we opened almost 25 years ago in September 1999, we totally understand that childcare for working parents increases work productivity because access to stable, high-quality childcare helps parents increase work hours, miss fewer workdays, and pursue further education.


  • Hello 2024!
  • We’ve got some cool stuff coming up all year long for our children and their families culminating in a BIG celebration for the community on Saturday September 14 …stay tuned!


Our goal is to raise $25,000 this year to help us add on a brand new program. A program for children ages 24 to 36 months. We need new supplies, curriculum, furniture, and most importantly a caring, qualified teacher. If you would like to help, please donate below!